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Untreusee Badestrand

To the south of Hof, still within the town boundaries, is the recreation area “Untreusee”. Although artificially created, the lake blends in well with the gentle hilly landscape, as if it had been made by mother nature. It is an eldorado for swimming, sailing, surfing and angling, but also for walking and simply finding peace and quiet. Lake Untreusee is no longer only enjoyed by the townspeople of Hof: it has become a popular attraction for the whole region.


Even on days when thousands of people are to be found on the banks of the lake and in or on the water, there is still enough space for those looking for tranquil solitude.

Lake Untreusee, which gets its water and its name from the stream “Untreubach”, was made in the years 1976 to 1979 primarily to provide an area for leisure and recreation. A subsidiary effect is that it serves to raise the level of the water in the Saale in late autumn and to prevent flooding in the winter months.

Untreusee Luftbild von Michael Giegold

This reservoir, 2 kilometres long and 700 metres wide, on which almost all types of water  sports with the exception of motor-boats are allowed, normally has a water surface of 600,000 square metres in summer. The depth of the water at the 300-metre dam is about 15 metres.

At the southern end of the lake, divided from the main body of water by 4 pedestrian bridges, a very important and interesting biotope was created where the Untreubach stream flows in.

Anglers with fishing permits can use Lake Untreusee and a track of about 6 kilometres in length goes all the way round it. By taking the short-cut over the above-mentioned bridges, you can shorten the walk round the lake to 4.4 kilometres.

At the northern end, in the so-called “intensive zone”, all sorts of leisure facilities are to be found, including 3 car-parks with room for 720 vehicles. 


At the centre of the intensive zone are the jetties, which can be hired from the town authorities, boat sheds belonging to various aquatic clubs and also the warden’s office. Slightly above that there is room to park boat trailers.

To the west of the jetties, there is a restaurant which is open in summer and offers seating accommodation for 1,000 people. Here you can rent pedalos.

Right behind this restaurant is the latest attraction, the 10,000 square metre “Kletterpark” or climbing terrain. Here a large selection of climbing frames, ladders, nets, tunnels and tarzan-like jumps provide fun for young and old.


Untreusee Spielplatz

A lifeguard station looking on to the pebble beach and sunbathing lawns is manned during the bathing-season from May to mid-September.

Between the lifeguard station and the beach a new adventure playground has been made as the water here is very shallow. Above this playground enthusiasts can play beach-volleyball.

Untreusee Boote

To the east of the jetties, in the direction of the dam, there is the beach for surfers. This is on a little peninsula, which also offers a pleasant lawn for sunbathing. On the steep slopes of the adjoining bay sun-terraces have been laid out.

On the heights above this bay, guests to Lake Untreusee will find another restaurant combined with hotel. At the sheltered foot of the dam there is a miniature golf course with a snack-bar (Tel. 09281/ 1446306). It is also possible to have your own barbeque at specially designated sites.


In the intensive zone area there are changing rooms for bathers on all the sunbathing lawns.

Public toilets, which are only open in the frost-free months, are to be found near the beach-volleyball pitch and in the restaurant during opening hours.

On the south-east bank behind the dam there is a 400-metre long beach where dogs may go into the water. Apart from that, during the bathing season it is forbidden to allow dogs onto the sunbathing lawns or into the water.

Kinetic sculpture by Hans-Michael Kissel


A kinetic wind sculpture in three parts, the work of artist Hans-Michael Kissel from Worms, stands on the little island in the Untreusee. This was donated to the town and the townspeople of Hof by the Herrmann and Berta Müller Trust. The aluminium wings of the object move according to the strength of the wind and correspond to the motion of the water. Sun and rain, snow and wind continually create new delightful constellations which enthral every walker.