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Flughafen Hof-Plauen



metr. Station Untreusee

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Hof – an endearing town

Hof is, as the town’s ambiguously formulated slogan states, at the

top of Bavaria
and is situated at quite an altitude: 495 metres above sea level. This endearing town on the River Saale, is set amid magnificent countryside between the Franconian Forest and the Fichtelgebirge mountains in a tranquil environment guaranteeing peace and quiet as well as a chance to escape from the stress of everyday work.

As well as neat façades there are numerous sights such as the recently restored Theresienstein building in the wonderful town park, the Freiheitshalle or Lake Untreusee, to name but a few.



Hof and its citizens. Hard-working people, as described by writer Jean Paul, who once lived here. But people here also place great emphasis on quality of life. They relax in cosy pubs, leafy beer gardens or in one of the many street cafés.

And they don’t miss a chance to celebrate. Visitors stream from far and near when, for example, the local fairground is transformed into a miniature Prater for Hof’s annual summer fair and Hof beer, hot sausages and brass music create a fantastic atmosphere in the Freiheitshalle.

Der Hofer

Hof’s citizens are proud of their beer and of their various types of sausage, which are renowned far beyond the local boundaries, e.g. “Wiener” or “Knacker” such as those sold by the “Wärschtlamänner” (street sausage vendors) with their shining brass pots. They love their “Hofer Schnitz”, a vegetable stew which even gourmets appreciate.

Their “national holiday” is Schlappentag, which has been celebrated since 1432. On the first Monday after Whitsun a long procession of artisans and riflemen makes its way to the Schießhäuschen and the near-by Seligen-Wiesen, where they enjoy a specially brewed strong beer.

Hofer Filmtage

A real must-see is the Hof International Film Festival, held since 1967, where the most famous film producers get together.


and Hof has a lot more to offer – it’s worth a visit and will be more than just a fleeting experience!